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Boot Camp Level II

This intermediate-level program is tailored to broadening and strengthening the knowledge of medical practice managers that have prior experience working in a medical practice. The curriculum for this three-day comprehensive workshop is based on the Body of Knowledge of the ACMPE and covers a wide spectrum of topics.

Practicing on the Grid

The purpose of this seminar is to discuss the legalities and risks associated with the use of telemedicine, electronic health records (EHR) and patient portals, as well as, provide an overview of current cyber liability issues in the medical profession. There are several location and date options to choose from. This seminar is eligible for 2 CME credits for physicians and a 10% premium discount.

Lessons Learned from Malpractice Claims

This program will focus on top risks from the perspective of a medical malpractice trial lawyer including electronic records, patient interaction, informed consent, scope of practice, vicarious liability and documentation. We will identify solutions to successfully manage them in today’s environment. There are several location and date options to choose from. This seminar is eligible for 2 CME credits for physicians and a 10% premium discount.

The SVMIC Sentinel

Our flagship publication

The SVMIC Sentinel features timely information on current issues in the healthcare arena as well as reviews on closed claims and in-depth looks at medical-related claims for different specialties. The newsletter also discusses practice management issues and provides updates on all SVMIC educational opportunities.

Closed Claim Review

Monthly Review of a Closed SVMIC Claim

A monthly in-depth look at one of our closed claims

Specialty Spotlight

Monthly Deep Dive on a Specific Medical Specialty

Featuring a different specialty each month, this column looks in depth at causes of malpractice-related claims for that particular medical specialty.

What is SVMIC

Physicians insuring physicians

SVMIC is a mutual insurance company that is 100% owned and governed by our policyholders. This means that when you become a policyholder, you become an owner of our company, too. Governed by a board of directors consisting almost entirely of physicians, we insure medical professionals in Tennessee, Arkansas, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

We provide medical professional liability insurance at net cost. Each year, premiums are set and collected based on projected needs (loss costs, including defense costs, and operating expenses) while ensuring that SVMIC maintains long-term financial stability. In future years, if premiums collected exceed that need, these excess revenues are returned to policyholders as dividends.

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