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Jane M. Sneed, MD

Board Member

  • Medical School

    University of Tennessee College of Medicine, Memphis, TN

  • Residency

    Lebonheur/University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN

  • Specialty


  • Practice Name & Location

    The Children’s Clinic, Jonesboro, AR

  • Board Tenure

    Since 2013

Dr. Sneed entered the practice of medicine because she loves to help others, specifically kids and their families. She was first exposed to SVMIC during a very stressful, but positive, experience during her residency. Later in practice, when afforded the opportunity to work with SVMIC's Board, she jumped at the chance and has never regretted it.

When not wearing her white coat, Dr. Sneed enjoys spending time with her family, riding and training horses, gardening, and hiking.

What one specific value of SVMIC speaks to you the most?

SVMIC's mission speaks to me the most - particularly the support we provide in the practice management realm, whether it be supporting through lawsuits, practice management, or legal questions.
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