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What We Do

So, what is malpractice insurance? Medical professional liability insurance, often referred to as malpractice insurance, is coverage that protects doctors and their teams from claims brought against them while doing their jobs. Many times these claims arise from unforeseen circumstances around prescriptions, procedures, miscommunications, or administrative errors.

While the risk of a malpractice claim can never be completely eliminated, we pride ourselves in providing the best educational resources in the industry to help keep our members educated on often overlooked areas of their practices. We firmly believe that more informed decisions will always lead to lower risk and better protection. If a claim is brought against one of our members, SVMIC stands at the ready to aggressively defend them.

We use every available resource to provide insight and expertise to the defense of good medicine and good doctors.

Superior Coverage

Not all malpractice policies are the same, and SVMIC's is simply better. From inclusion of a consent clause to cybersecurity coverage, SVMIC aggressively defends and supports good medicine and good doctors.

Physician Ownership

We were founded and are managed by a group of doctors, so we understand the everyday challenges of practicing medicine. Policyholders own our company and have the right to vote for the Board of Directors who lead our organization and set the rates.

Only SVMIC can understand what it's like for the doctors in the trenches.”
Dr. Curt Hagenau

Financial Stability

Our members have the peace of mind knowing that we will be here for them when they need us most. With over $700 Million in Policyholder's Surplus and 40 years of A (Excellent) ratings from A.M. Best Company, SVMIC will also be here to share our mutual success.

Outstanding Member Service

We were created by doctors for doctors, so we understand the toll that a malpractice claim can have on you and your team. That's why we constantly look for ways to take better care of our physicians. Fast and reliable access to the entire SVMIC team is just a quick phone call or email away.

I picked up the phone when I needed help, and within five minutes I had very helpful feedback of things I hadn't thought about.”
Dr. Mary F. Kerr

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