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Melanie B. Blake, MD, MBA

Board Member

  • Medical School

    University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL

  • Residency

    University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL

  • Specialty

    Internal Medicine

  • Office Name & Location

    Hospitalist, Rhea Medical Center, Chattanooga, TN

  • Practice Name & Location

    Medical Consultant, Unum, Chattanooga, TN

  • Board Tenure

    Since 2018

Dr. Blake pursued medicine as a career because, as a lifelong learner, she saw the opportunity to help people avoid or manage diseases. Finding being an internist very fulfilling, she moved to Tennessee and became an SVMIC policyholder in 2009. Dr. Blake was inspired to join the Board because she truly appreciates the expertise that SVMIC offers physicians.

Outside of work, Dr. Blake, whose husband is also an SVMIC-insured physician, and her family enjoy boating. She also is an avid runner.

What one specific value of SVMIC speaks to you the most?

Integrity. I find it refreshing and inspiring that SVMIC focuses on integrity, even if it means an opportunity is deferred.
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