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Ravi D. Chauhan, MD

Board Member

  • Medical School

    University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN

  • Residency

    University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN

  • Specialty


  • Practice Name & Location

    The Conrad Pearson Clinic, Memphis, TN

  • Board Tenure

    Since 2023

Dr. Chauhan closely watched his father, who was also a physician, and learned at an early age that the practice of medicine is about serving others. Naturally curious and inspired by his father's work, medicine was a clear choice for Dr. Chauhan. As a practicing physician, SVMIC has played an important role in his career through both education offerings and unwavering support. When asked, Dr. Chauhan eagerly accepted the opportunity to serve on the board.
Dr. Chauhan loves live music, SCUBA, and traveling the world with his wife and two children.

What one specific value of SVMIC speaks to you the most?

Loyalty. In an hour of need, it's comforting to know SVMIC will always have the physician's back.
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