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Ryan D. Mire, MD

Board Member

  • Medical School

    University of Tennessee, College of Medicine, Memphis, Tennessee

  • Residency

    Medical College of Virginia / Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

  • Specialty

    Internal Medicine

  • Practice Name & Location

    Heritage Medical Associates, Nashville, TN

  • Board Tenure

    Since 2023

Dr. Mire's journey into medicine began in high school when there was a medical event that occurred at a muscular dystrophy camp where he volunteered, which led him to learn more about illness and sparked his interest in medicine. An accomplished internal medicine physician, Dr. Mire had the honor to serve as President of the American College of Physicians (2022 - 2023) and was elected into Mastership (MACP) in the American College of Physicians (ACP), which recognizes outstanding and extraordinary career accomplishments. At SVMIC, Dr. Mire is dedicated to educating, serving, and assisting his fellow policyholders, having served on SVMIC's Underwriting Committee before joining the board.

Dr. Mire enjoys mentoring, traveling, collegiate athletics, and comedy.

What one specific value of SVMIC speaks to you the most?

Service. SVMIC serves the policyholders and medical practices with education for prevention and risk reduction, and are always there with valuable support in times of need.
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