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SVMIC Launches Podcast Series

This month SVMIC is proud to introduce our Podcast series, “Your Practice Made Perfect,” to our lineup of educational resources. The series idea was born after conducting research with medical students and residents and discovering many of these students seek out, listen to and enjoy Podcasts for entertainment and learning. We found tomorrow’s doctors are excited to begin their careers and make a difference in people’s lives, yet they often feel unprepared on how to handle the non-clinical side of their careers. They love science and caring for people but could use help with the business, financial, and legal aspects of medicine along with navigating a malpractice policy. They are also interested in mentoring from seasoned, practicing physicians who have been where they are and are well acquainted with the challenges they face. A keen interest in learning what can go wrong and what happens when it does so was a dominant theme amongst the groups.

Armed with this information, SVMIC set out to create a Podcast series to share information with these students and all practicing medical professionals. SVMIC is a company built around experts in varying topics, and we realized we could utilize Podcasts as an opportunity to share our knowledge expertise in the medical field. The series covers interviews with experienced physicians, compliance, malpractice and prescribing experts and addresses a wide range of topics from how to negotiate a contract to tips on attempting to obtain a work-life balance as a busy physician. Our robust collection of Closed Claim episodes educates listeners on the details and outcomes of adverse medical events. Other subjects include the nation’s opioid crisis, physician burnout, cybersecurity and clinical issues. Each episode is around 20 minutes in length and structured to appeal to a wide audience.

Podcasts are a conducive and economical way to broadly disseminate information. Similar to a radio broadcast, listeners can tune in on their own time and receive succinct information on a focused topic. A Podcast provides a busy individual a chance to tune in to helpful or entertaining information without sitting down or setting aside special time. You don’t have to spend hours in front a screen to learn something new, and they provide a human connection from the speaker to the listener. People are busy in general, but medical students, residents and medical professionals are always on the go. Podcast episodes are streamed or downloaded on a mobile device, making them convenient to listen to while spending time in the car or at the gym.

Brian Fortenberry, Assistant Vice President of Underwriting at SVMIC, hosts the series. Fortenberry brings a diverse portfolio of experience to the mic, having spent more than 10 years in broadcast media and the clinical side of medicine prior to joining SVMIC in 2007.

Four episodes are available now; beginning in March, one episode will be released every Friday through 2018. Listen and subscribe via the Podcasts app on an iPhone, the Google Play Music app on an Android device and here on SVMIC’s website.


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