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How Being a Father Has Made Me a Better Doctor

Along this pathway called life, I’ve had 2 distinct blessings which overlapped and played an integral role in my career. First, the opportunity to practice medicine as a calling serving my fellow man. Secondly is the God-given blessing of being a father and allowing me to pass on a father’s love and blessing to my children. At times, admittedly, it was a struggle to keep the precious family time worked into an initial solo family medicine practice. My yet unmentioned blessing of a wife did a great job to cover my hours away and always elevate my standing with our 3 children.

My 3 children were always there bringing me down to earth with a reality check and keeping me focused on what really matters at the end of the day. They educated me about simple life and allowed me to share a learned compassion and thankfulness with my patients. Children truly are the joy of the Lord.

My children were also my direct connect to all public health issues and diseases working through our community, which helped improve my diagnostic acumen. Having 3 children and grandchildren involved in many extracurricular activities has also allowed me to donate my time and provide sports and camp physicals for 37 years. This has kept me involved in the community.

Initially, on opening my practice in my wife’s hometown, I was known as James Criswell’s son-in-law. Shortly afterwards I became known as Dixie’s husband and then, for a brief moment in time, I was known as Dr. McAdoo. Soon I arrived to the elevated title of Kristi, Lori, and Matt’s dad - atitle I still wear proudly today. Now I have an additional attribute as Kate, Will, Ingram, Nants, Mac, and Jackson’s granddad. Found on my office wall was a framed poem with unknown author that I proudly share in summarizing today.

"My Daddy"

When Daddy signs his name
He always writes M.D.
That's so all the people know
That he belongs to me
For M.D. means "My Daddy"
Or something just the same,
And that is why he always puts
Those letters by his name
Some letters in his name are small
But these are not you see,
He always makes them big like that
Because he's proud of me.
A proud dad and doc,
Michael A. McAdoo, M.D.



About The Author

Dr. Michael A. McAdoo is a Family Medicine physician at Milan Medical Center, PC, in Milan, Tennessee. He has served on SVMIC's Board of Directors since 2002.

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