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SVMIC's New Education Center

You may recall completing the 2015 Policyholder Survey we conducted in the spring of 2015 that assessed your opinions on a variety of topics. The results of the survey provided a clear mandate for SVMIC to raise the bar in our online educational offerings for physicians and staff. To satisfy this mandate, a company-wide team spent 2016 working on a solution.

For many years, SVMIC has had excellent processes for presenting live seminars, but the ability to offer advanced options for online content required the selection and deployment of a new software system.  This month SVMIC launched a new platform, the SVMIC Education Center, which offers more variety in risk education, easier self-service, and a larger number of online course options.  In addition to these benefits, we also are happy to provide a better overall experience from registration to self-tracking for all SVMIC educational opportunities.

Web-based education can be highly beneficial for the learner, as it offers the opportunity for self-paced learning with the added benefit of self-management.  It can be equally beneficial for the educator, as it opens up options for more creative delivery methods and more precise tracking. The SVMIC Education Center is just the beginning of our focus on web-based learning, as you will now begin to see growth in the number of online courses and topics offered, as well as experience a more cohesive and expansive education experience.

Policyholders can now easily access – all in one place - SVMIC’s educational offerings, transcripts of courses completed, courses pending completion, and all completion certificates for 2017 going forward.  A substantial increase in course offerings and a broader variety of course topics are now available. Courses can be easily located with the use of a new course catalog with course format, credit eligibility, and even location filters for our live seminars. Courses that pique interest can be bookmarked for later registration, and online course progression will be saved for completion at the learner’s pace.

The ability to access these courses requires nothing more than an SVMIC E-Access online account; that process remains the same. Once an account is validated, the policyholder can reach the new Education Center directly from SVMIC’s website, Brief video tutorials are available on the Education Center homepage and on the course landing pages.  Our goal is to make this transition as simple as possible for our policyholders, and to provide our learners with extra benefits that save time, make the experience more enjoyable, increase options, and help manage educational documents such as transcripts and certificates.

SVMIC also continues to offer CME courses online and in booklet form; however, these courses are no longer provided by a third party.  Because these are now written and managed internally, we can provide better customer service to our policyholders and a greater breadth of CME-eligible course content.  

In the past year, SVMIC has added the following courses:

  • Achieving Service Excellence
  • New and improved HIPAA for the Medical Office
  • New and improved OSHA Training
  • Liability Exposure in Anesthesiology
  • Liability Exposure in Radiology
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey and Tools
  • Communications
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Marketing
  • Effective Documentation in the Electronic Health Record
  • Documenting Difficult Situations in the Electronic Health Record
  • Tracking Labs and Diagnostics
  • Risks to Avoid when Documenting with the Electronic Health Record
  • Give Em’ the Pickle Video

In 2017, SVMIC created and added two new online CME courses:

  • Risk Reduction in the Medical Office
  • Working Effectively with Advanced Practice Providers

As always, SVMIC will offer live seminars in several locations from March thru October.  The only thing that has changed about live seminars is that policyholders with an online E-Access account can log in and download their certificates (30 days after seminar completion), as well as store and maintain those certificates, in the Education Center.

As the year progresses, SVMIC looks forward to receiving feedback from learners using our new Education Center.  Our team is dedicated to tailoring this new and exciting online educational experience optimized to fit our policyholders’ needs. The ultimate goal is to provide a well-rounded array of educational topics to the policyholder, accompanied by an enjoyable and easy-to-use process.


About The Author

Meghan Clark is the Learning Systems Manager at SVMIC, and for the past five years has been leading and managing varying projects within the company such as Vantage updates and features, the SVMIC Education Center and the online coursework, all of SVMIC's social media and mass communication plans, the SVMIC website, and SVMIC's podcast "Your Practice Made Perfect".

Meghan has a Bachelor of Psychology and Mental Health degree, received in 2010, and a Master of Science Degree in Human Resources and Organizational Leadership, received in 2013. Prior to her arrival at SVMIC in October 2015, Meghan worked in various software, training, and sales roles, all of which built up the skills Meghan can now utilize at SVMIC. Meghan is a people person with a curious mind and a passion for improving processes, helping others and making SVMIC's online presence both appealing and easy to use for the end user. 

Meghan lives in Spring Hill with her husband, Alan, and their daughter. Her interests include reading, traveling, cooking, and tuning in to her creative side whenever possible.

The contents of The Sentinel are intended for educational/informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Policyholders are urged to consult with their personal attorney for legal advice, as specific legal requirements may vary from state to state and/or change over time.

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