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SVMIC Launches New Compliance Tools for OSHA Officers

Ensuring employee safety is critical in any medical setting, as it not only protects individuals' well-being but also contributes significantly to a practice's overall success and productivity. Prioritizing the safety of employees creates a positive work environment, fostering trust and loyalty among the staff. Safe working conditions reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and illnesses, leading to lower absenteeism and increased employee morale. A commitment to employee safety also demonstrates the practice's understanding of their ethical responsibility, helps in avoiding legal issues and financial liabilities associated with workplace injuries, and ultimately promotes the overall success and reputation of the practice.

To assist our policyholders in fulfilling their employee safety responsibilities, SVMIC has launched The Compliance Center on our Vantage® policyholder portal.  This comprehensive resource includes a complimentary, customizable OSHA Compliance Manual to ensure practices have the tools necessary to implement the policies and procedures that will help to minimize or eliminate the risks their employees face while on the job. The OSHA Compliance Manual covers OSHA standards important to medical practices, including, but not limited to, Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communication, and Emergency Action Planning. Within the Compliance Center, we have provided over 20 fillable forms and resources, along with 6 online, self-paced OSHA Officer training videos to accompany the manual and assist the practice in their responsibilities related to compliance.

For more information about these OSHA compliance tools, please contact Stay tuned for additional HIPAA resources to be made available in 2025. As always, SVMIC is available to answer any other questions you may have and assist you in your medical practice needs; we can be reached by phone at 800.342.2239 or by email at

About The Author

Leslie Snider works as a Medical Practice Consultant with the Medical Practice Services Departments of SVMIC. She lives in Nashville, TN and work in multiple states throughout the South and Midwest. Leslie is passionate about education and empowerment through the sharing of knowledge and experience. With over 13 years in the healthcare industry, she has clinical and administrative experience in physician practices, hospitals, and corporate healthcare systems. In her role as a Medical Practice Consultant, she works directly with physicians and staff on compliance and risk management strategies, business and clinical operations, and other aspects of administrative side of medicine.

The contents of The Sentinel are intended for educational/informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Policyholders are urged to consult with their personal attorney for legal advice, as specific legal requirements may vary from state to state and/or change over time.

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