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The Sentinel: February 2019


Prevent Physician Burnout Part 3: 4 Work-Life Balance Tools

Risk Topics  |  Dike Drummond, MD

A new study has found that, between 2011 and 2014, the burnout rate among family physicians increased from 45 to 54 percent[i]. Yes, you read that right. Over half of us are experiencing burnout. In previous articles in this series on physician burnout, we learned that burnout occurs when our mental, ph...

Practice Makes Perfect

Closed Claim Review  |  Matthew Bauer, JD

Physicians often feel anxious and fearful when faced with a medical malpractice lawsuit, even when they have rendered appropriate medical care and committed no medical mistake. This anxiety and fear likely stems from physicians’ belief that they have little or no control over the outcome of their case. ...

Tips for Successful Collection Calls: Business Critical in the Era of High Deductibles

Practice Management  |  Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC

As patient financial responsibility grows, it’s business critical to have an effective process to collect outstanding debt. It’s an opportune time to review your entire collection workflow, to include making collection calls. These steps are aimed to boost your success rate, while preserving patie...

Handling an Upset Patient

Practice Management  |  Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC

Physicians, nurses, support staff and anyone else in a practice have all witnessed this scenario too many times: a patient gets frustrated and takes his or her anger, confusion, or worry out on you. How you handle an upset patient can quickly determine the difference between a successful or disastrous outcome...

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