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The Sentinel: April 2022


Sample Medication Management

Risk Matters  |  Jeffrey A. Woods, JD

It is common practice for physicians and providers to dispense free sample medications to patients. The benefits of dispensing sample medications are numerous:  it allows patients to try new medications on a trial basis; saves patients money on expensive medications; reduces non-adherence to medicat...

Cyber Education is More Than a Meeting

Cybersecurity  |  Rana McSpadden, FACMPE

A practice does not need to implement the most expensive technology or hire full-time IT staff in order to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule. So long as policies and procedures, technology, and physical safeguards which are appropriate for the size of the practice are put in place, compliance is achievable....

Standing Firm

Closed Claim Review  |  Randa Gibson, JD

Barbara Jones1, a 60-year-old female patient, presented to her local ER in Arkansas with acute onset abdominal pain and some distention. The history taken by the ER physician revealed a prior gastric bypass surgery and hernia repair surgery two years previously. A CT scan showed probable partial small bowel o...

New Federal Law Extends Telemedicine Reimbursement

Practice Management  |  Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC

Performing telemedicine in your practice is an operational challenge, but those challenges pale in comparison with the unknowns about its reimbursement in the long run. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine was not on the radar for most medical practices, but today it’s standard industry practice...

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