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The Sentinel: October 2022


Trust the Process

Closed Claim Review  |  Brent Kinney, J.D.

As an avid sports fan, I routinely hear athletes mention that they need to “trust the process.” The origin of “trust the process,” as used ubiquitously in sports, apparently goes back to 2013 when the Philadelphia 76ers’ new general manager, Sam Hinkie, advocated an emphasis on p...

Phishing by Fax: Do Not Become a Victim

Cybersecurity  |  Rana McSpadden, FACMPE

Scenario: It is Friday afternoon, and the physician is working on a stack of documents requesting his signature.  Most are routine requests, but one in particular draws his attention.  It is seemingly from a national pharmacy requesting the practice confirm an active patient and indicates it is purs...

2023 Coding Changes: Around the Corner

Practice Management  |  Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC

Each year, the authors of the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Manual make changes to the code set. Some years usher in a multitude of changes; others bring few alterations to the table. The 393 changes to the 2023 CPT codes are of importance because they translate your services into billable transactions...

Risk Matters: Requirements for Patient Accessing and Posting Results

Risk Matters  |  Jeffrey A. Woods, JD

Practices should be familiar with the general requirements of the HHS ONC Cures Act Final Rule, also known as the ONC Information Blocking Rule, which became effective in 2021. Among other aspects of compliance with the regulation, practices should have documented procedures that outline how both in-house and...

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