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The Sentinel: October 2023


Scheduling Techniques for Success

Practice Management  |  Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC

As I was chatting with a busy pediatrician about her priorities for managing her successful practice, I realized how often she mentioned the word, “schedule.” Perhaps it’s not a surprise, as the schedule defines the delivery of the practice’s most important asset – in this case, ...

Is Your Practice Prepared for a Disaster?

Practice Management

SVMIC recently held a disaster preparedness “tabletop” drill where it tested the company’s Business Continuity Plan, an exercise we wholeheartedly recommend for all our members and practices. Disaster preparedness is a topic that often falls through the proverbial cracks because it is time-...

Risk Matters: Side Businesses

Risk Matters  |  Jeffrey A. Woods, JD

Many physicians are finding ways to earn income in addition to their regular employment.  These “side businesses” typically utilize a physician’s specialized skills, knowledge, and licensure to perform.  Not all of them increase a physician’s risk of malpractice - for example...

Clear Communication Is Critical

Closed Claim Review  |  Brent Kinney, J.D.

“Tell the audience what you’re going to say, say it; then tell them what you’ve said.” This quote is attributable to Dale Carnegie, but it is also something that was impressed upon me by a supervising attorney early in my legal career regarding how to write effective and persuasive leg...

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