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The Sentinel: February 2024


Patient Payment Plans: Seven Tips for Success

Practice Management  |  Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC

Payment plans permit the patient to pay off the amount they owe for a service over a period, instead of requiring a lump sum payment. Offering payment plans to patients benefits your practice – and your patients; however, execution is key. Consider these tactics for success: Put the ball in the patie...

Risk Matters: Obstetrics Risks

Risk Matters  |  Jeffrey A. Woods, JD

Obstetrics is a very rewarding field of medicine that celebrates the beginning of life and the joy of parenthood, but it’s also a field fraught with complex challenges and, at times, devastating outcomes.  At its best, obstetrics exemplifies the compassion, expertise, and dedication of healthcare p...

Social Engineering Took Down Giants. Don’t Let It Take You Down, too.

Cybersecurity  |  Rana McSpadden, FACMPE

In September 2023, MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment reported they were victims of a cyberattack. The attack disrupted operations for multiple MGM properties for an extended period of time and ultimately cost the company an estimated $100 million[1]. Caesars Entertainment paid $15 million of...

Playing the Telephone Game: Can the Correct Diagnosis Win in the End?

Closed Claim Review  |  Kathleen W. Smith, JD

Do you remember playing the telephone game as a child?  This is the game where the first player selects a word to whisper to the next player, and so on and so forth, until you see whether the final player ends up with the same word.  The game challenges its players to listen carefully and make accur...

New! Medical Assistant Training Resource

Company News  |  Stephen A. Dickens, JD, FACMPE

All aspects of human resources, especially the recruitment and orientation processes, consume a tremendous amount of time for the average practice. The Great Resignation forced medical groups to rethink their hiring and training processes in the current employee-driven market. One of the most difficult positi...

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