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The Sentinel: March 2024


Data Before Drama

Practice Management  |  Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC

How many times have you heard sentiments from colleagues, administrators, employees – and perhaps yourself – describing your practice? When it comes to the business of a medical practice, we often rely on anecdotal evidence to manage: If appointment lead times are rising or patients are being tur...

Risk Matters: Be mindful of risks as the popularity and functionality of wearable medical devices continue to grow

Risk Matters  |  Justin Joy, JD, CIPP

The potential benefits of wearable medical device technology in assisting with monitoring and managing general patient wellness, as well as chronic conditions, have been generally recognized for nearly a decade. As aptly stated earlier by one author, “Mobile health is at the swirling confluence of remot...

Closed Claim Review: Fortitude Pays Off

Closed Claim Review  |  Grace Gilliland, J.D.

A lawsuit is often described as a marathon, not a sprint. In some cases, that marathon takes longer and includes more hills to climb than expected. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly emphasized the challenges faced in litigation and created the perfect storm of repeatedly delaying a case ready to go to trial. In...

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