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Episode 041: Controlling Controlled Substances

November 09, 2018

Brian Fortenberry and Dr. Walter Fitzgerald discuss opioids, prescriptions, and all issues that come with it. Dr. Fitzgerald brings his experience as both an attorney and a pharmacist to the discussion, covering everything from new laws regarding prescriptions to safely disposing of extra pills.


The contents of this Podcast are intended for educational/informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Policyholders are urged to consult with their personal attorney for legal advice, as specific legal requirements may vary from state to state and/or change over time. All names have been changed to protect privacy.

About our Guest

Dr. Walter Fitzgerald

Walter L. Fitzgerald, Jr. holds the BS in pharmacy from Mercer University School of Pharmacy, the MS in pharmacy administration from the University of Tennessee College of Graduate Health Sciences, and the JD from the University of Memphis School of Law. Dr. Fitzgerald is a licensed pharmacist and attorney in Tennessee He has over three decades of educating health professions students in medicine and pharmacy, as well as practitioners through postgraduate education programs. The focus of Dr. Fitzgerald’s teaching, research, and publishing is healthcare law and ethics. With extensive experience in the social and administrative sciences, ethics, and law, he is a nationally recognized expert who is often invited to provide medical and scientific presentations. In addition to several articles, Dr. Fitzgerald is the author of three books. Dr. Fitzgerald has received many prestigious awards, such as the University of Tennessee National Alumni Association Public Service Award and the Tom C. Sharp, Sr. Pharmacist of the Year Award by the Tennessee Pharmacists Association.

About our Host

Brian Fortenberry is Assistant Vice President of Underwriting at SVMIC where he assists in evaluating risk for the company and assisting policyholders with underwriting issues. He has been involved with medical professional liability insurance since 2007. Prior to his work at SVMIC, Brian worked in the clinical side of medicine and in broadcast media.

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