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Episode 142: Data is Information, and Information is Empowering

November 17, 2023

Why would medical malpractice data and analytics matter to a medical provider? Listen to find out! In this episode, we talk with the Vice President of Candello, Mike Paskavitz, about the use of data to ultimately help increase patient safety, and we unpack the importance of understanding that data from a providers perspective.


The contents of this Podcast are intended for educational/informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Policyholders are urged to consult with their personal attorney for legal advice, as specific legal requirements may vary from state to state and/or change over time. All names have been changed to protect privacy.

About our Guest

Mike Paskavitz

Mike Paskavitz is Vice President of Candello, CRICO's national medical malpractice data collaborative, which represents one-third of all malpractice claims in the US. Prior to joining CRICO in 2018, he was Vice President of two start-up healthcare technology companies, an adaptive learning company called Amplifire and a mobile physician learning community called QuantiaMD. For six years previous to that, from 1999-2005, Mike served as a consultant to the National Health Service in England, specifically to help design and launch a Corporate Governance Program for NHS hospitals and to architect and stand up the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) for the NHS. In 2004, he published a book entitled Measuring and Communicating Success in Healthcare (Witherbys of London), which addressed the forthcoming era of measuring quality, safety, risk and performance in the US and UK. Mike's roots in patient safety and risk management date back to 1992, when he created Briefings on Hospital Safety, the first publication dedicated to safety in healthcare. From that work, he founded the Health Care Safety Institute in 1996 to provide information, education and training on safety in healthcare. A graduate of Gordon College in Wenham, Mass, Mike started his career in healthcare a Lahey Clinic Medical Center and Boston Medical Center in Boston.

About our Host

Renee Tidwell, currently Senior Manager of Corporate Services at SVMIC, has spent 12 years with the company in a variety of roles. Renee’s current position allows her the unique perspective that comes from working closely with all of the departments within the company. She spends a good deal of her time learning the intricacies of keeping the business running smoothly through working and overseeing many of SVMIC’s company-wide processes. Her newest venture into podcast hosting will allow Renee to experience life through the lens of our listeners where she can bring her company expertise and natural curiosity to her conversations with our wide variety of guests.

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