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Your Practice Made Perfect


Your Practice Made Perfect is a free podcast series where industry professionals discuss current issues and provide advice for today's practicing medical professionals. Our discussions cover everything from medical legislature to inspiring stories about addiction recovery. You won't want to miss an episode.

Episode Archive: Information Technology

Episode 122: Using Technology to Secure Your System - Part 2
Feb 11, 2022

In part two of our three-part series on Cybersecurity, we join IT security expert Brian Johnson to discuss how to utilize technology to protect your systems from threats and attacks.

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Episode 107: A Risky Business
Nov 20, 2020

Host J. Baugh talks again with Robbie Morris about the ever-changing world of privacy and security risks. In this deep dive, J and Robbie discuss assessments, privacy & risk audits, and vulnerabilities practices may face.

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Episode 106: Technology Driving Clinical Care
Nov 06, 2020

Claims attorney J. Baugh sits down with Vanderbilt University Medical Center Biomedical Informatics Specialist, Kevin Johnson to talk about the fast-growing world of clinical IT, and how it can inform care.

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Episode 101: A True Sense of Security
Aug 21, 2020

SVMIC attorney and host J. Baugh is joined by guest Robbie Morris to take a closer look at what it takes to keep your practice safe and collaborative in a time when cybersecurity risks have skyrocketed.

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Episode 074: A Site for Sore Eyes
Aug 30, 2019

Host Brian Fortenberry chats with emergency medicine doctor Eric Funk. Eric is the editor of the website, where physicians can get access to actual medical malpractice cases from legal databases. They discuss the multitude of resources that can be found on Dr. Funk’s site and when those resources can come in handy.

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Episode 056: The Permanence of Posting
Mar 29, 2019

There is no doubt that social media can make or break businesses and individuals alike. Luckily, Dr. Katrina Hood is here to offer some pointers on things to be aware of and how to keep yourself out of trouble.

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Episode 049: Taking Your Practice Online
Feb 01, 2019

Dr. Kevin Pho joins the podcast to discuss the pros and cons that social media has on the healthcare industry, clinician rating websites, and the importance of a physician’s online presence. Social media gives physicians the power to reach their patients directly, but more than this, it puts the power of knowledge at the patient’s fingertips.

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Episode 048: Get Better with Vantage
Jan 18, 2019

Host Brian Fortenberry and Judy Musgrove, Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications, discuss SVMIC’s brand new resource platform, Vantage. With Vantage, SVMIC brings their online service up to the same level of their personal service. This portal has everything that SVMIC offers online, for both policyholders and practice managers.

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