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Your Practice Made Perfect


Your Practice Made Perfect is a free podcast series where industry professionals discuss current issues and provide advice for today's practicing medical professionals. Our discussions cover everything from medical legislature to inspiring stories about addiction recovery. You won't want to miss an episode.

Episode Archive: Malpractice Insurance

Episode 147: Lived to Tell the Tale - Going Through a Malpractice Suit
May 17, 2024

Involvement in a medical malpractice lawsuit is significant, emotional, and impactful. Physicians have a lot at stake, including professional reputation and emotional well-being. It is crucial for physicians to have support systems in place to navigate these stressful, potentially life altering, situations. Join us as we talk with a physician who gets real and raw about a medical malpractice lawsuit they went through and their firsthand experience working with SVMIC. We talk through the ways this lawsuit impacted our guest, both personally and professionally, and how they came out on the other side.

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Episode 142: Data is Information, and Information is Empowering
Nov 17, 2023

Why would medical malpractice data and analytics matter to a medical provider? Listen to find out! In this episode, we talk with the Vice President of Candello, Mike Paskavitz, about the use of data to ultimately help increase patient safety, and we unpack the importance of understanding that data from a providers perspective.

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Episode 131: Litigation, Depositions, and Preparing for Trial
Dec 02, 2022

In this episode, we revisit some past content focusing on malpractice lawsuits. We will bring back some great conversations with highly qualified guests that discuss preparing yourself as a defendant, the ins and outs of depositions, and a highlight of the trial process.

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Episode 114: The Litigation Process
Jun 18, 2021

Nashville attorney Wendy Longmire breaks down how the litigation process works in malpractice suits so that physicians can be better prepared.

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Episode 112: Safety in Security
Apr 16, 2021

Host J. Baugh sits down with Daniel VanderSteeg to discuss financial planning for professionals and business owners, specifically with advice around the new SECURE Act.

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Episode 109: A Telemedicine Taskforce
Jan 15, 2021

Claims attorney J. Baugh sits down with a member of the Medical Practices Services department from SVMIC to discuss telemedicine, and how coverage has adapted over the years.

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Episode 072: Data-Driven Decisions
Aug 09, 2019

This week on Your Practice Made Perfect, Brian discusses stats and what role they play in malpractice insurance coverage and medical practices, with Kathy Cartwright and Divya Parikh - vice president of Research and Education at the Medical Professional Liability Association.

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Episode 036: The Best Defense is a Good Offense
Oct 05, 2018

Brian Fortenberry and attorney Wendy Longmire dig into the legal services that SVMIC provides. They discuss depositions, how to properly prepare physicians for testimony, and how mutually beneficial it is for a defendant to really become engaged in their own defense.

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Episode 032: The Malpractice Essentials
Sep 07, 2018

Jim Smith, with 36 years of experience in the medical professional liability insurance business, helps us understand medical insurance and what it means to be a part of a mutual insurance company. Join host Brian Fortenberry as they break down MPL and all that goes with it.

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Episode 024: Study Up to Sign Off
Jul 13, 2018

In this week’s episode, SVMIC employee Jackie Boswell details and defines what makes a good managed care contract. Ms. Boswell also offers physicians advice on how to negotiate a more beneficial contract and what process to take to ensure a better partnership within a practice.

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Episode 019: Pushing the Limits
Jun 08, 2018

Charmy Shrode, VP of Underwriting, continues to talk with Brian Fortenberry about policies for medical liability coverage. They discuss how far a policy can extend (from you as an individual to your solely-owned practice) and how some plaintiff attorneys prefer to sue an entire entity rather than an individual.

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Episode 018: Read the Coverage
Jun 01, 2018

Join Brian Fortenberry as he talks to VP of Underwriting, Charmy Shrode, about the intricacies of policy documents, information, and coverage. A policy is a contract between the insured and the insurer—don’t be guilty of putting it away in a drawer without reading it first.

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