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Episode 002: The Balancing Act of Work and Life

February 01, 2018

In this episode, Brian Fortenberry chats with Dr. Bob Berkompas. As a Primary Care Physician, Dr. Berkompas shares how he balances a hectic work life with three children, medical committees, professional associations, and being active in his church, all while still keeping his promise to his family.


The contents of this Podcast are intended for educational/informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Policyholders are urged to consult with their personal attorney for legal advice, as specific legal requirements may vary from state to state and/or change over time. All names have been changed to protect privacy.

About our Guest

Dr. Bob Berkompas

Dr. Robert Berkompas is an Internal Medicine physician who received his medical degree at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. He and his wife, Cyndie, moved to Nashville for his residency training at Vanderbilt Medical School. This included an additional year as Chief Resident at the “old” Nashville General Hospital in its Centennial year. Following his residency, he joined the St. Thomas Medical Group where he practiced primary care preventive medicine for 25 years. In the final 7 years of his practice he worked as the home care team physician for Alive Hospice, overseeing the care of hospice patients in their homes, primarily on the west side of town. Working with an interdisciplinary team that includes social workers, nurses, chaplains, aides, and volunteers had a profound influence on his practice, and in November of 2015, Dr. Berkompas assumed the full-time position of Chief Medical Officer of Alive Hospice. In this role, Dr. Berkompas serves as part of the executive team, and oversees the quality and delivery of medical care for Alive Hospice patients. Dr. Berkompas manages the agency’s Medical Services team of physicians and nurse practitioners. In 2017 he became certified as a Hospice Medical Director.

About our Host

Brian Fortenberry is Assistant Vice President of Underwriting at SVMIC where he assists in evaluating risk for the company and assisting policyholders with underwriting issues. He has been involved with medical professional liability insurance since 2007. Prior to his work at SVMIC, Brian worked in the clinical side of medicine and in broadcast media.

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