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The Sentinel: January 2024


Getting Paid for Relationships

Practice Management  |  Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC

Physicians have long expressed frustration at the lack of payment associated with the preparation time required to learn about a patient, develop insight about a patient, and nurture a relationship with the patient, all with an eye to being able to provide the highest quality care. While it may not be suffici...

Risk Matters: Curbside Opinions

Risk Matters  |  Jeffrey A. Woods, JD

The term “curbside consultation/opinion” is often used to describe an informal opinion or interpretation between colleagues that does not result in a “formal” consultation.  Curbside consultations are transient in nature and typically occur in the hallway, break room, golf course,...

SVMIC Launches New Compliance Center

Company News  |  Leslie L. Snider, MS, FACMPE, CHC, RT(R)

Medical practices face a myriad of challenges every day and need effective, efficient practice staff training. It is imperative that physicians, practice executives and staff understand their responsibility in remaining compliant in the ever-changing healthcare industry. With that in mind, SVMIC has developed...

Decisions and Documentation

Closed Claim Review  |  John T. Ryman, JD

The patient was a 68-year-old female with a complicated medical history including significant cardiovascular disease and multiple previous surgeries. The events that are the subject of this case started in early 2014 when she was taken to surgery by Dr. Baker[i] for robotic salpingectomy, oophorectomy, transo...

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