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The Sentinel: April 2024


Risk Matters: The Continuing Growth and Persisting Challenges of Remote Healthcare

Risk Matters  |  Justin Joy, JD, CIPP

Remote healthcare technology continues to be an increasingly valuable tool, especially for delivering care to patients who have mobility or transportation challenges, or who live far away from their provider.  According to a 2023 HHS report surveying over a million individuals, 22% of adults in the US re...

SVMIC Launches New Compliance Tools for OSHA Officers

Company News  |  Leslie L. Snider, MS, FACMPE, CHC, RT(R)

Ensuring employee safety is critical in any medical setting, as it not only protects individuals' well-being but also contributes significantly to a practice's overall success and productivity. Prioritizing the safety of employees creates a positive work environment, fostering trust and loyalty among the staf...

Advanced Practice Providers: An Opportunity to Address Lengthy Appointment Waits

Practice Management  |  Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC

Researchers are finally supporting what you already experience every day in your medical practice – there is an overwhelming amount of patient demand. According to a national data repository, visits are up 14% over 2019’s pre-pandemic baseline. This fact, in combination  with mounting evidenc...

The Importance of Protocols and Supervision When Utilizing Advanced Practice Providers

Closed Claim Review  |  Jamie Wyatt, JD

Given the ever-increasing physician shortage and high demand for appointments, it is common for a patient to receive treatment from an advanced practice provider (APP) when seeking medical care. Appointments with an APP often give a patient the opportunity to be treated sooner for a problem. The continued pro...

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